10 Must Have Accessories On A New Car

1. Mobile Holder

From important calls, directions to a location, conference rooms and so on, smartphones do so much for us today. But as you know, you can’t use a phone casually as that’s an offence while driving so a mobile holder will help handle the phone without taking your eyes off the road.

2. Multi-pin Car Charger

We all need battery life on our devices, but some days, you might find that your devices dying from low charge, so why not have the option to charge on-the-go. Pick a charger with high compatibility so you can use it with multiple devices such as your laptop, smartphone, camera, iPods, etc. Don’t forget to add an auxiliary input to connect to your phones and MP3 players so that you get to play your favourite music on the car’s stereo system.

3. Parking Sensors

Parallel parking is probably the hardest driving lesson, and on some days, we can mess up. A parking sensor will emit a warning when you get too close to an obstacle, avoiding a possibly nasty collision. You’ll now know how close you can get to the edge of a parking spot with no damages. You can opt for a rearview camera with the sensor to see what you are reversing into as an extra feature.


4. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car hygiene is essential —that’s why you need thorough cleanups using a portable vacuum cleaner. There are even water-resistant types that can soak up wet floor mats.

5. Seat Cushions

Driving can be hell on your back, so it is recommended to buy the Kieba Coccyx seat cushion with a cut-out for your tailbone, aligning your spine, giving you a great posture. The memory foam material will keep you supported, assuring a comfortable ride.

6. Car Back Seat Organizer

You might have a rough time keeping your car clean and organized –for that, an ideal solution is a car back seat organizer. A high-quality one like the one at PALMOO comes with nine separate pockets to accommodate all your personal belongings.

7. Car Garbage Can

You’ll find needing to throw waste away more times than you think while on the move in a car. You can hang these garbage cans from the door, the seat back, or behind the centre console. The ones from Drive can even double as a cooler.


8. Coffee Maker

Need your daily morning coffee fix but don’t have the time? With the Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker, that problem is no more. Plug it into the cigarette lighter and have your very own quality espresso in just less than two minutes. It’s compact enough to fit in the cupholder.

9. Car Trunk Mesh Organizer

Being stressed about spilt vegetables in your trunk on your way back from the groceries is stress you won’t have any more once you buy yourself this organizer with its three pockets keeping your items from shifting on every turn. The built-in hooks make it easy to install.

10. Puncture Repair Kit

The randomness of a puncture makes this kit necessary to have at hand. There will be situations where you’ll have to handle them yourself, and you’ll thank yourself for the decision of purchasing the kit.

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